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Unicorn or Zebra, what’s your sport?


What defines a unicorn sport? Is it a sport that appeals to everyone, offering skills adaptable across land, sea, and snow? A sport for solo adventurers and team players alike? Or perhaps a sport where a 12-year-old and a 46-year-old can both represent their nations in the Olympics? How about two sports in one? Welcome to the world of rollersports!

This year has seen a remarkable surge in inline skate sales, soaring by 300% as lockdown hobbies gained unprecedented popularity. Adding to the excitement, skateboarding will debut at this year’s Olympics, with 12-year-old UK hopeful Sky Brown leading the charge. It’s clear that 2021 is the perfect time to introduce your children to Zebra Skate, the UK’s leading camp for skateboarding and rollerblading.

Why choose Zebra Skate? Safety comes first. Every Skate Camp participant receives a comprehensive set of safety gear, including wrist, knee, and elbow pads, as well as a helmet. This ensures a hassle-free experience for parents, without the need to manage multiple pieces of equipment throughout the day—all rental equipment is provided free of charge.


Once equipped, the real fun begins, along with inevitable falls—planned and unplanned! Beginners learn the art of falling safely, helping to alleviate fears and quickly bond with fellow campers.

As children progress in skill, they gain resilience and a desire to master more advanced techniques such as slaloming, skate tours, jumps, and ramps. Zebra Skate rewards not only excellence but also persistence, tenacity, and effort, motivating children to strive for personal bests.


What sets Zebra Skate apart? Inspirational coaches who incorporate innovative games and hybrid sports into their lessons, ensuring each session is both educational and enjoyable. From skate-tag to inline hockey and roller-football, Zebra Skate offers unique experiences that keep kids eagerly returning for more. Our team boasts a diverse range of talents, including UK Inline Skating Association-certified instructors, skateboard competition winners, and even the current UK Freestyle Slalom champion, fourteen-year-old Alice Lean, who inspires a new generation of skaters.

Beyond the thrill of learning, skating offers numerous physical benefits that extend beyond the sport itself. Whether it’s burning up to 700 calories per hour with inline skating or developing skills shared with snowboarding and surfing through skateboarding, our camps promote healthy lifestyles and diverse athletic interests.

Once camp concludes, Zebra Skate provides campers with exclusive discounts on equipment purchases, ensuring they can continue their skating journey beyond the summer. Located in Kensington Gardens and Clapham Common, our camps offer picturesque settings ideal for honing skills and exploring new challenges.

Join us this summer at Zebra Skate, where we offer 12 weeks of camp at both locations. Take advantage of sibling discounts and flexible booking options—whether for half or full days—to find the perfect fit for your child’s schedule and interests.

Experience the thrill of skating with Zebra Skate and discover why our camps are a standout choice for adventurous young athletes. Visit our website to book your spot today!

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