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1. You shall ensure that Zebra receive with your registration details of any medical / professional diagnoses with respect to each child attending any Skating activity and Zebra reserves the right to refuse or restrict access to Skate Camp to any child for whom a full info has not been provided. You shall immediately inform Zebra of any changes to the information or of any additional relevant information (including details of allergies, illnesses, medical conditions, learning difficulties or other specific requirements relating to your child) of which you become aware after original registration. Failure to disclosing any such information may result in barred entry to camp with no refund.

2. Children who have low to mild behavioural and learning difficulties are welcome to join our skating activities via private lessons, as long as these are detailed in initial communication. Private lessons are more suitable for children needing extra support. It is advised to get in touch using our contact form if you are unsure of suitability.

3.You acknowledge and agree that Zebra may take video and photographic footage of participants attending Skate Camp and that appropriate footage which does not compromise the safety or security of participants may be used by Zebra for the purposes of promotion and marketing their activities and products.

4. You agree that Zebra coordinators may administer basic first aid (including but not limited to paracetamol, plasters and antiseptic cream) to participants attending Skate Camp.

5. Parents and/or guardians are not permitted to stay during camp hours without prior agreement from Zebra managers or administrators.

6..If the behaviour of a participant on Skate Camp is in Zebra’s opinion unacceptable for any reason, or if in Zebra’s reasonable opinion it is not appropriate for the participant to continue on Skate Camp for any reason, you shall at Zebra’s request promptly collect the participant from Skate Camp. Zebra may exclude the participant from any activities until he or she has been collected if in Zebra’s opinion an exclusion is necessary for the safety of the participant, for the safety of other camp attendees or is in the participant’s best interests.

7. Unscheduled late pick ups from camp; there is a charge of £25 per 15 minutes for late pick ups from camp.

8. In cases of extreme or unsuitable weather.

Kensington and Fulham Camp

We will move to our covered venue located here for Kensington Camp and here for Fulham Camp. For instances where we move to a covered location the entire days activities takes place at the venue; both pick up and drop off. Please bookmark and save the location links above.

Zebra DOES NOT communicate updates with clients as location information is solely available online.

Clapham Camp

This is an all-weather camp. In cases of extreme weather,  we seek refuge at a suitable location until such a time it is safe or practical to continue class. We do not accept changes to bookings due to the weather.

Changes and cancellations These can made via email only and are subject to the following terms. Zebra require two weeks notice before course or event start date for changes or a refund. There is a £15 charge per booking for refunds. Payments are not returned for changes or cancellations made less than two weeks before session start date (after 10am, 14 days before). We do not permit changes to bookings due to changes in location outlined above